Working in Watercolour

Ever since I was a lad I have always painted in oils and much later in life in acrylic. These two mediums seem so adaptable, so expansive in their effects and the way you can manipulate them, that they seemed to offer all the answers.

But for the last few months I have had a sort of artist’s block, I have started lots of paintings but they haven’t gone anywhere. I came to a dead end really. Then one day I was teaching a watercolour course – I teach quite a few watercolour courses, the technical stuff mainly – when it suddenly dawned on me what a very flexible watercolour really is.  Part of the reason was because I realised how my students were using it and in some cases ‘misusing’ it and it opened huge possibilities. Needless to say, I am working on two water colour paintings which are going well, my artist’s block has disappeared and the world has taken on a subtle watercolour hue.

Moral of this story: If you’ve hit a brickwall with your work – try a totally different medium and enjoy the freedom of just going for it.

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