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Are you an Artist?

I believe being an artist is a twofold process. It’s a combination between skills, techniques, creativity and the ability to see things in a way others often can’t. Some people become obsessed with learning the techniques of drawing and painting, but that only takes you so far as my tutorials explain. If you are to improve as an artist you can’t obsess about materials. They will not improve your art work. Develop the passion and creativity to experiment and make mistakes.


Remember no one in the world draws and paints like you do. Be proud of the fact. As an artist seek an individual vision, don’t let anyone say you haven’t got that. Passion, creativity and the simple step by step approach of Paul Priestley art tutorials will inspire everyone. Our art tutorials will help you create your individual vision.

Depth in landscape drawing
Creating depth in landscape drawing
watercolour painting adding texture

My Art History Tutorials

My art history tutorials cover the major aspects of artist’s lives. Their most famous paintings, challenges, motivations and achievements. They are aimed at those wishing to learn about art history in an unpretentious and clear cut way. My art history tutorials are based on my own teaching experience and display art works suitable to show teenagers in the UK.

Some parts of the world and certain states of the USA, the constraints on the type of imagery shown is more restrictive. Therefore, if you are a teacher, view my art history videos before showing them to young people. This will ensure they fit the ethos of your establishment.

Please Note

I make every effort to create accurate interpretations of each artist’s life and accept no responsibility for the consequences of any factual inaccuracies.

Wassily Kandinsky
Paul Cezanne
Gustav Klimt