Saving Paint with good Colour Mixing techniques

oil painting palette

Wasting Paint?

We all waste paint, it’s so easy. We get carried away with the idea, squeeze acrylic paint or oil on to the palette and realise it might be too much. But the real problem starts when you want to mix a colour. Let’s say we want to make a green, we squeeze out a blob of blue and start to add yellow. But we need a light green. So we add more and more yellow until we get the correct tone. Suddenly, we have made far more green that we need. Most of it will end up as a nice dried up lump on the palette – wasted paint. Colour mixing is not easy.

The Solution

When colour mixing it’s a good idea to always start with the lightest colour first. To create the correct tone small amounts of the darker colour until you reach the tone/mixture you want. Using this method means you use less paint and only ends up on the painting and not left on the palette. Think of the paint you’ll save. More importantly, the money you’ll save could be spent on more art materials. Brilliant.

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