You can Draw

In this short motivational art video I explain that everyone in the world can draw, providing they can write. I’ll show how our brains are programmed to read shapes and these simple shapes occur in our writing and in our drawing. I’ll show that teachers were not teaching you to write but to draw. What I’m aiming to do here is to motivate people and show that if you can write you can draw and just how ridiculous the statement, ‘I can’t draw really is’,
Apologies for the Chinese character that appears in this video, I checked it out on Goggle Translate, but it’s been pointed out from a good source, it’s not good calligraphy.
for lots of interesting stuff about art and how to draw and paint

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  1. Joyce :

    I am trying to sign up for art tutorials and can’t seem to get there. I do believe that this man is a brilliant teacher. Please help. Thanks. Joyce

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