Starting to Draw? Part 5


This is the fifth of my art tutorials on Starting to Draw for Absolute Beginners. In this video I am going to concentrate of the idea of training our visual memory as a means to learn to draw. The idea is to look at an object for about 10 seconds and to memorise its shapes, lines and tone – not the detail. Once you have memorised the object, you simply draw the visual image locked in your memory. This is good training for learning pencil drawing for beginners. Check out the previous art tutorial: Starting to Draw: Three things to Do

Don’t try to draw a detailed realist drawing, sketch the image quickly capturing the essence of the object. The more you do this the more you will train your visual memory. Your ideas will improve along with your drawing. Carry a sketchbook with you and train your visual memory wherever you are. If you are in an airport or in the street, look at a person, memorise them, draw the visualisation in your brain. You’ll be amazed at how much your drawing will improve with constant practice.

This arts tutorial is aimed at beginners, children, students in schools and colleges. Those wishing to improve their drawing skills and learn to draw will also benefit.


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