How to Draw using Two Point Perspective

Understanding perspective is a fundamental skill every artist needs. Without an understanding of perspective the drawing of buildings, elements of the landscape and even still life drawings will suffer. This art tutorial will explain, step by step, how to draw with two point perspective. I explain how to work out your vanishing points and how to set about drawing a group of buildings, so they look in perspective.

To understand perspective properly you should also know about eye level and how it relates to the use of perspective.

I show how to draw roofs, chimneys, porches and even street light in perspective too. The video is aimed at beginners and those seeking to understand perspective.

To fully understand perspective check out How to use One Point Perspective and How to use Three Point Perspective

Want this video in your own language? Check out my video to see how to do it.

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Are you an Artist?

At Paul Priestley’s Art World, we believe being an artist is a twofold process. It’s a combination between skills, techniques, creativity and the ability to see things in a way others often can’t. Some people become obsessed with learning the techniques of drawing and painting, but that only takes you so far. Passion, the creativity to experiment and make mistakes is far more important.

You will become an artist if …

You remember that no one in the world draws and paints like you do. Be proud of the fact. As an artist seek an individual vision, don’t let anyone say you haven’t got that. Or tell you that your art work is not relevant or good enough – what do they know! Paul Priestley art tutorials are taught with lots of passion, creativity and with a simple step by step approach to drawing that will inspire everyone. Our art tutorials will help you create your individual vision.

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