How to Draw Trees


Paul describes how to draw trees simply by first looking at trees and identifying their shapes. From these shapes Paul shows how a sketch of a tree can be created and by varying the shapes how many different varieties of trees can be created. With the addition of light and shade Paul explains how to make your tree look three dimensional. This video is suitable for beginners to drawing, school students and teachers.

Comments (3)

  1. Mousey :

    I would really appreciate a tutorial of how to draw water with leaves floating in it. Maybe a lake scene with grasses and leaves
    in the water using colored pencils.

    Thanks for considering this idea !!!! Your easy to understand in your other tutorials

  2. Suzanne Warchal :

    I watched your video on YouTube about drawing trees! I’m working in colored pencil but have worked in oil, acrylic, watercolor and pastel. I’m working on doing a drawing of an old general store and was stuck on trees. Your video is really helping me to get a sense of trees and how to draw them. Thank you!

    • Paul Priestley :

      You are welcome

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