Draw Cliffs and Crevasses

The art tutorial explains how to draw cliffs and crevasses step by step in a simple way that beginners can understand. The video explains how to draw cliffs and crevasses with a few curved and vertical lines and shows how the rock face can be made to look craggy by simply varying the angle of the line when applying tone.
The art tutorial is aimed at beginners, children studying GCSE art and design and anyone wanting to learn to draw..

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  1. Jan Booth :

    Thank you, Paul. Very helpful. I’m a beginner. Have you written any books please?

    • Paul Priestley :

      Hi Jan,
      I’m afraid I haven’t produced a book on drawing as I have produced my art tutorial videos instead. Unfortunately, I have no plans to produce one in the future either. I would suggest you have a look at my Youtube channel where there are lots of art tutorials designed for beginners. I’d start with this video https://youtu.be/OezMavBqWXc Cheers Paul

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