Draw a Face using Shade


in this video show beginners and children how to use light and shade (tone) to draw a face. The video starts with a line drawing and shows how to set about adding light and dark tones bearing in mind the direction of light.
I describe how to light a person’s face and point out the different tonal values of the face, so beginners and children can understand clearly what they are looking at. The video is aimed at beginners, teachers and children in the later years of Primary (elementary) School and the early years of secondary schools.

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  1. Margaret :

    I am a very amateur artist, I have some paintings in acrylics and Alkyd oils, I love drawing but find it difficult to know where to begin( I did not learn it in school so I guess I am self taught, I must congratulate you on your fantastic tutorials…..easy to follow your step by step method and you explain things as you proceed….the best that I have come across…thank you Margaret

    • admin :

      Hi Margaret
      Thank you for your kind comments about my tutorials, it’s nice to know they are of use to you. I hope your paintings and drawing continue to develop wonderfully. Paul

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