How to be Brilliant at Drawing

All children can be brilliant at drawing. Before you teach a drawing lesson or art workshop show your students this video because it will motivate them. In this motivational art video I explain how you can be brilliant at drawing. It is just a matter of believing in yourself and having the confidence to draw in the way you want to draw.

The pursuit of perfection in their drawing, which some young people seem to want, is not possible. The role of an artist is not to try to create a photographic drawing, but a unique one . I show that using rulers to draw straight lines robs the drawing of individuality because it looks like every other ruled line. Artists, especially Matisse, do not rub out lines from the under drawing.
Having self belief and confidence in your own work is the only way to success
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Comments (3)

  1. Nydia Segal :

    Your talk has inspired me, a 75 year-old retired teacher, to really give drawing a try. Thank you

    • Paul Priestley :

      Thanks for your kind comment. You should start drawing straight away, never too late to start.

  2. Anne Greenwood :

    Thank you for your encouragement and look forward to more of your tutorials. I have viewed some of your tutorials on the basics of drawing via an app and they have been the best I’ve seen. I have bought books in the past, but have been lost in all the information. The step by step approach and the information you give within your tutorials have inspired me to give it another try, they are brilliant.

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