Drawing Basics: Edges not Outlines - PART 2

This is my second drawing tutorial on how to Draw with Edges not Outlines. It takes the ideas from Part 1 a stage further. We are going to draw a jug. In this art tutorial I start with an outline drawing of the jug, but I use edges to create the 3D effect. I explain that establishing the direction of the light source first is very important. Once the light source has been established the light and shade can be worked out and you can draw a jug.
To workout the tonal range from lightest to darkest is the next most important step. Squinting at your drawing makes this easy. This has the effect of cutting out the half tones so you can see the lights and darks more clearly. Squinting is a good way of working out if the range of tones is correct. Check this as you go along with the drawing of the jug.
By using edges and varying tone the final drawing of the jug can be achieved. This easy drawing tutorial – draw a jug – is aimed at beginners and those wishing to improve their drawing skills. It should also be useful for students studying for GCSE and A Level art and Design courses.

PATRONS: Iā€™d like to thank the following patrons, their support in the making of this video is much appreciated. Martyn Lawrence Clarke-Smith, Richard Chapple, Ivan Gilbert Rappaport, Carsten Guse, Farida Grewal, Dale Folan, Tanya Siann

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