Beginners: Draw with Lines

In this art tutorial on How to Draw with Lines for children and beginners using a pencil, I explain how the eye reads lines. Because the eye reads lines, the lines can tell the eye/brain what angle, shape, depth, distance etc is being created by the lines. Although the paper surface is flat the lines can make it appear to be three dimensional, you can create the illusion of space and depth just with line. I show how to make hills look curved, cylinders look rounded, circles look like balls and roads and rivers look flat all with the correct use of line.

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  1. Moggy Miller :

    I am 80 years old with lots of free time, so i have decided to take up drawing,I have watched a number of videos,I think yours are the ones to follow.


    • Paul Priestley :

      Really pleased you enjoy my videos, you can see the full range at Cheers Paul

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