Want to be an Artist? You need to know … PART 2

Colour Mixing

Learn about colour in this is the second in my series on, ‘You want to be an artist’. This art tutorial covers how to use colour. We start by explaining how to use the 12 colour, colour wheel. The colour wheel is the basis of all colour understanding. Starting with the basics of colour mixing, I explain about  the 3 primary colours. Red, yellow and blue mixed create the 3 secondary colours of green, orange and purple. All other colours on the colour wheel are called tertiary colours.

To learn about colour you’ll understand you can create a variety of different colour schemes that you can apply to your painting. The following colour schemes are considered: complementary, split complementary, analogous and near complementary colour schemes. There are lots of ideas of how to apply the colour schemes to your own painting.

Examples of great paintings by artists such as Van Gogh, Claude Monet and Edvard Munch are used. The colour schemes they used are analysed because you might want to create the schemes yourself. How to mix the colour schemes is demonstrated, particularly, how to mix greys which are created by mixing complementary colours together on your palette.

Who will Benefit

This art tutorial is aimed at beginners and those in school who are learning about colour and colour mixing. If you want to become an artist learning about colour is essential because it provides the building blocks of a painting.


I’d like to thank the following patrons whose support in the making of this video is much appreciated: Richard Chapple, Ivan Gilbert Rappaport, Farida Grewal, Dale Folan, Tanya Siann, Willy Lemmon

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