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My Latest Art Tutorial Uploads

I upload a new drawing or painting art tutorial to this site every month. Here you’ll find my latest art tutorial uploads on everything from perspective to shading, drawing trees to sketching faces. All my art tutorials are aimed at beginners and those wanting to develop their drawing and painting skills.

Learn to Draw Simple Objects: A Mushroom

In this easy drawing tutorial I’ll show you how to draw a simple object, like a mushroom and make it look really convincing. I’ll explain how to get the proportion of the mushroom correct by measuring with your pencil. But the most important thing to remember when drawing the mushroom is to get the angle of the lines correct. This, together with creating edges and not outlines are all explained simply so you can produce a really brilliant drawing. Teenagers and above should find this drawing tutorial useful. It will also be useful for beginners to drawing or those wanting to improve their drawing skills and techniques.

Learn to Draw Simple Objects: An Open Box

This video explains how to draw simple objects, in this case a small cardboard box with an open flap. The video explains about how to look at the box very carefully. You’ll learn to look for the perspective and identify vanishing points, as well as how to apply the shading. I also explain how to create edges and not outlines to make the drawing look much more effective.

This video is intended for beginners and those wishing to improve their drawing skills and techniques.

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