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My Latest Art Tutorial Uploads

I upload a new drawing or painting art tutorial to this site every month. Here you’ll find my latest art tutorial uploads on everything from perspective to shading, drawing trees to sketching faces. All my art tutorials are aimed at beginners and those wanting to develop their drawing and painting skills.

Learn to Draw Buildings from Below

Learn how to draw buildings looking from below. This tutorial explains how to draw buildings using two-point perspective, which are above the eye level. The drawing of the two buildings appears above the horizon or eye level. I explain how to draw the buildings and how to sketch the path leading to the buildings and the bushes and trees around them. I also explain how to make the distant hills look as though they are in the distance by using different tonal and shading techniques. This drawing tutorial is for beginners.

How to Suggest Outlines and Edges with Line

There is nothing wrong with drawing outlines, but all too often the outlines destroys the 3D effect the drawing is trying to create. The trick is to suggest outlines and edges in your sketch by drawing line. It sounds a contradiction but it does work. Suggesting outlines and edges makes sketches so much more convincing as a drawing. The easy drawing tutorial also covers hatching and cross hatching to create my tonal drawings. It is easy to create a suggestion of outline or an edge by drawing line. This tutorial explains all.

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