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Paul Priestley

Painting inspires me, from the moment an idea is born through the process of development, until the moment I sense the journey has come to an end. I enjoy the feel of the paint, even the spring of a hog’s hair brush as it spreads its load on canvas, it is a wonderful feeling.

Inspiration can come from the colour of an object – I do love colour – a situation, a turn of a head, the interaction between two people or the wonderful landscape here in Herefordshire. Drawing is an integral part of what I do, I love the boldness of graphite contrasted with the subtlety of watercolour pencils. I love experimenting.

I am not an artist who has found a niche and then continues to plough that furrow. Rather, I work with a series of ideas, mediums or methods until I have exhausted them, then I move on. There is so much to explore in this world of ours.

I taught art courses for over 8 years at 5 different centres in the West Midlands and abroad. I also ran art workshops in schools all over the England and Wales. I enjoy meeting new people and hopefully inspiring them to paint and draw. I am a firm believer in the fact that anyone can draw and paint, no matter what that art teacher said many years ago. It really is all about confidence and building confidence is one of the main aims of my courses, as well as having fun and learning a lot.

After a few years demand became too great for me to supply, so I decided to start a YouTube Channel and create ‘How to’ draw and paint videos. Recently, I have also started a Art History YouTube channel aimed at schools and people wanted a less academic approach to art history.

2017 My YouTube channel – (How to Draw and Paint) was voted in at number 32 in the top 100 Drawing Channels on Youtube – wow!

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