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Are you an Artist?

At Paul Priestley’s Art World, we believe being an artist is a twofold process. It’s a combination between skills, techniques, creativity and the ability to see things in a way others often can’t. Some people become obsessed with learning the techniques of drawing and painting, but that only takes you so far. If you are to improve as an artist you can’t obsess about materials, they themselves will not improve your art work. Develop your passion and the creativity to experiment and make mistakes.

Only if …

You remember that no one in the world draws and paints like you do. Be proud of the fact. As an artist seek an individual vision, and don’t let anyone say you haven’t got that. Paul Priestley art tutorials are taught with lots of passion, creativity and with a simple step by step approach to inspire everyone. Our art tutorials will help you create your individual vision.

YOU can DRAW, you just don’t know it. Drawing is about confidence, imagination and belief.

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Paul Priestley Art Tutorials on YouTube

Draw People in Proportion:
‘that was so awesome and simply taught. I love it. It made human proportion so easy’ Rupalli Chauhaan

How to Draw a Nose:
Paul…. thanks so much for sharing your art talent tutorial…. very easy … I just did it… :-) Raquel Carrera

How to Draw with Curves
I spent two hours trying to do these drawings this most definitely did not come easily to me, not surprising stick figures have been my forte ever since childhood and nothing had changed till now. This was a blast Thank you!!!!!!!!!! Lisa Mont

Lots of hints and tips to help your drawing and painting progress

Hints and Tips Page

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What is Art?


I taught art in schools for years before leaving and setting up my own art business providing schools with art workshops. Yesterday, I was in a secondary school in Reading, UK – lovely school – running a GCSE Inspiration workshop with around 60 15/16 year olds. I had a ...


Although the subject matter, techniques and materials of artists have changed over the centuries, their attitudes towards life and their environment have changed little. The manner in which they expresses their ideas, their style, can in basic terms, be seen as one of the following: Classical, Romantic or Realist. ...

Understanding Famous Artists

At Paul Priestley Art World we understand the importance of art history in the development of becoming an artist. Understanding how famous artists of the past, such as Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse and Georgia O’Keeffe influenced our ideas and thinking is important.

The way these great artist’s explored the use of colour, changed our ideas about seeing and drawing is wonderful. Discovering great artists and famous artist’s paintings can be a real bonus for a budding artist.

The Life of Claude Monet
10 Facts about Andy Warhol